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How to Use Oregano Oil


Is your medicine cabinet overflowing with different kinds of antibiotics, vitamins, and over-the-counter pills? In today’s “prescription culture” there’s a lot of specialized medicines that are heavily marketed to cure a specific kind of disease. There’s a headache pill, and a migraine pill; a syrup for coughs, and another one for allergy-caused sinus problems; a cure for a bad stomach, and another one for an aching back.


However, before all these antibiotics and pills, people used just one herbal remedy for many diseases. Oregano oil has been used for centuries--the first recorded use dates back to the ancient Roman civilization. It was used to cure respiratory ailments, muscle and joint pain, digestive problems and even skin infections.  This is because oregano oil contains,  two compounds that have been known to have powerful anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-parasitic properties.

Today, they have been used to fight anything from herpes cold sores to skin rashes to an upset stomach!


Oregano oil’s versatility makes it an essential part of anyone’s medicine cabinet. It is, admittedly, expensive—mainly because it takes 100 pounds of oregano plant (originum vulgare, not to be confused with the kind used to make oregano spice) to make one pound of oregano oil. However, one drop contains 50 different kinds of antimicrobial compounds—and can be used to cure many different kinds of diseases. This makes it more cost-effective than spending thousands of dollars on different kinds of medicines, many of which you will only reach for three or four times a year. Plus, most remedies only use two to three drops of oregano oil—so one bottle goes a long way.


Oregano oil can be applied topically, or directly on the affected area, or ingested. It depends on the condition you want to cure. You may wish to speak to a medical practitioner or herbal practitioner to see the best application for you, but the following tips may help.


When ingesting oregano oil, first mix two drops of oil in about 120 ml of liquid, like water, juice or milk. Take this once or twice a day. Children, of course, must take a lower dose of one drop of oregano oil in 120 ml of liquid.  It is also possible to buy oregano oil capsules; follow manufacturer’s directions for proper dosage.


If you are applying oregano oil topically, dilute it in vegetable oil, not water. Most people use olive oil since they already have it in their kitchen, but it’s also possible to use almond oil. A general ratio would be one teaspoon of oregano oil with two teaspoons of vegetable oil. Mix it very well, and then rub it on the skin.


Oregano oil can be used to treat many different kinds of ailments. For gum infections, rub diluted oil on the affected are once or twice a day.


For warts, boils or athlete’s foot (or other fungal infections) apply liberal amounts of the oregano oil mixture on the area.  Then, wrap a clean bandage around it. Leave this overnight. The next day, change the dressing. Repeat for several days, as long as it takes for the infection to disappear.


Oregano oil is also a safe, organic way of treating diaper rash. Just use one drop of oregano oil per teaspoon of olive oil to avoid irritating the baby’s sensitive skin.


This also works for other rashes, wounds, abscesses or skin infections. Just add several drops of oregano oil to your existing hand soap or favorite body wash. This is a lot cheaper than buying one of those very expensive high-end organic products!